Southern Asian Association of Badminton (SAAB) has been supporting badminton communities in Houston for over several years. We’re a diverse, multicultural group focused on hosting and promoting badminton activities in Texas. We host and support numerous activities to encourage players in our communities to develop badminton skills.


Our founding and current board members are: Yiming (Ben) Yang, Christina Chang, Linh P. Nguyen, and Alice Hsiao.


The non-profit organization has been officially incorporated since April 28, 2021.


The Mission

To establish and promote throughout but not limited to Southern Region the development of Badminton as a means of healthful and physical fitness.

To provide a supportive environment in which people of all ages are provided a quality badminton learning experience.

To host games and tournaments for competitive and charitable purposes, supporting youth players to reach their potential and pursue their dreams in badminton competition in all levels.


The Vision

To be the premier resource and unifying voice guiding the Southern Asian community to achieve badminton sports success locally and nationally.